Monday, March 28, 2011

try, try again

well, the last time we saw our heroes, we were starting a new frozen embryo transfer. we had 5 embryos left on ice.

4 of them did not survive thawing.

1 did, and was transferred, but it didn't take. i imagine that it likely stopped developing shortly after transfer. i'm not sure why i think this. i just do.

that left us with... 0. zero. none. no embryos left.

so back to the drawing board. what to do? we have very little left of our donor's donations to work with. unless we want to pick a new donor (we do not want to pick a new donor) our only real option is ivf. but whose eggs? last time, it was ML's. but that did not go so well. i am 3 years younger and with a proven egg, know what i mean? S is proof my eggs work. but poor ML. she got really attached to the idea that she could have a little bio baby. but we worked it out, we talked it out. there were many issues to consider. we decided.


i am on day 4 of stim right now. tomorrow i go to find out what my follicular area is up to. hoping we see good things.

oh hey guess what we are having another logistical clusterf*ck

i don't EVEN want to talk about it

it's about the sperm going from Northern Clinic to Southern Clinic but it can't just go from there to here, it has to go somewhere else first.

whatever. i think it's worked out. tomorrow. i'll find out tomorrow. tomorrow is kind of a big deal.

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