Monday, December 7, 2009

a new start

i had another blog, elsewhere, where i was not anonymous. this one will be.

who am i?

i am a wife (to a woman! word.) and a mother. i am a sort of crunchy mother, with the cloth diapering and the enthusiastic breastfeeding and the babywearing and all that. i've always sort of leaned towards the modern homesteading-type movement, even when i was a kid. i would read about home canning, that sort of thing.

anyway, i grew up and got a job, all the regular stuff. we moved to BigCity, many states away, for my job. my love (i'll call her ML) got a job too. we got married. we made a baby. but we want our daughter (and her future siblings) to grow up with her family all around. and i want to homeschool? and i want to be a mom. i've never been the sort of person whose identity was wrapped up in my paycheck-bearing job. maybe if i'd gotten into a different line of work... but i just can't be passionate about IT like that.

so ML got a transfer. she's back in Suburbanville, working and living with my folks. i am in the midst of leaving my job, selling our house in BigCity, and changing from careerish working mom to (hopefully) somewhat more blissful TakerCareOfEverythingAtHome, which will not actually entail all that much Staying. i may or may not meet ML at the door after work wearing an apron, with a cocktail in one hand.